Communication efficace (FR)

Le jeu de communication Un atelier interactif (en français), sous forme d’un jeu, pour augmenter l’efficacité autour de votre communication. Venez découvrir, entre autre, des éléments importants dans votre communication. D’augmenter l’efficacité de sa communication peut donner une grande amélioration dans vos relations et dans vos résultats. Ceci est une expérience “fun”, […]

Develop Your Leadership Strategies

Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 ** Weekly sessions of impactful conversations and coaching around your leadership ** Strengthen your influence as a leader and increase your self-awareness through in-depth conversations, exercises, and challenges around life and leadership strategies. Benefit from an incredibly valuable experience of empowering and actionable hot […]

The Real Secret To Motivation

What would it do for your business if you massively improved your sales skills? If you knew how to communicate in a way that created so much desire that your prospects beg you to give you their money, instead of you chasing after them for months trying to sell? What […]

The Communication Game

Launch of cutting edge personal development tool: The Communication Game First time ever in Luxembourg! Come and play The Communication Game. You’ll experience an interactive workshop with full focus on your personal development, and in particular the way you communicate. You will walk out with sharpened communication tools! How do […]

Maxwell Speaker’s Club LUXEMBOURG

Invitation to the Grand Opening of the Maxwell Speaker’s Club Luxembourg In The Maxwell Speaker’s Club, we take a world-class speaker, John Maxwell, and study his delivery skills, and then we learn how to apply them in our presentations. We model excellence, the fastest way to improve your skills. The Maxwell […]