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How to “sell yourself” in a crowded market

October 17, 2018 @ 6:30 am - 9:00 pm CEST


What would it do for your business if you knew how to communicate in a way that created so much desire that your prospects beg you to give you their money, instead of you chasing after them?

Or if you are an employee; what would it do for your relationships, both professional and personal, if you could tweak your communication in a way that helped you get your message across in a much more impactful and efficient way?

If that question makes you curious, this training is for you!

This training will help you understand how to read people on what their decision-making process is, that will increase buy-in and your influence in all communication; whether it is for sales or leadership. Jesse teaches “the real secret to motivation” and shares how to be able, in 3 minutes, to understand what the most important core value is of the person you are talking to.

This is about how to adjust and shape your communication and in particular your sales conversations, based on the science and philosophy of what drives humans in their decision-making process, to help you have more powerful and effective sales conversations.

Who is this for?

This training is ideal for sales agents/teams, entrepreneurs, start-up business owners, persons holding a leadership position and anyone who wants to take the lead in their market or industry. We’ll also give you insider tips on how to build awareness around your brand/business during the first phase of your start-up, so you can launch with customers ready to invest.

Still wondering if this is for you…?

Do you have a service that has the potential to transform lives, but you can’t reach your market? This is for you!

Are you tired of trying to sell products using closing strategies that are not bringing the results you want? Join us!

You love serving people with your product/service, but you hate feeling like a pushy sales-person? Come, come!

You know your service is worth gold, but you struggle with self-worth and can’t sell it? Let’s fix that!

You lead a team and have a team member who never buys into the process or the initiatives for the organization and seems to always want to do their own thing, or is really disengaged? This training will equip you with the tools to increase your influence through powerful and effective conversations. See you there!

J&A International 

For the first time in Luxembourg, Jesse and Annica deliver this unique and entertaining training that will keep you busy with “pen-grabbing-moments” and equip you with tools and strategies you can go out and take immediate action on.

After the training and a powerful Q&A-session, we will open the door to opportunities and invite you to apply your new communication skills in a one-of-a-kind networking evening. Bring your business cards!

Social Entrepreneurship for a good cause:

All proceeds from this evening go to sponsor live workshops for youth that Jesse & Annica offer for free during the Global Youth Initiative* in Luxembourg. Thank you for your contribution!

* We are very happy to announce that private member club House17 stand behind us and sponsor the Global Youth Initiative in Luxembourg.







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