Intentional Living

Articles about making choices to be and do our very best, for ourselves and for mankind.

Will you marry me?

Today is the beginning of the Salon du Mariage at the LuxExpo in Kirchberg. I am both curious and excited about going, so much love and future happy marriages floating around. I believe in fairytales, long happy marriages and they lived happily ever after. Some periods in life are more […]

Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess in the audience with ACT2exceed and Dress For Success Luxembourg

Because YOU can

How often do you reflect upon all the advantages in your life? I mean all the things we take for granted or simply consider “normal”, because we acquired these benefits with little or no effort. Such as being born in a country where there is no war, being able to […]

Putting things into perspective

This is for Jonathan Pitre. The past couple of months have been a little tough. Too much of this, too little of that. Getting up early, working long hours, not getting through my to-do-lists, not making any money, having put on weight, “just checking one more thing” on the iPhone […]

Ten ways to strengthen family ties

Family by definition is parents and siblings, the basic unit for raising children. We all grow up in different constellations of family, but most of us are still emotionally part of the family we grew up with. Sharing childhood with your siblings can be just as wonderful and loving as […]