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Will you marry me?

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Today is the beginning of the Salon du Mariage at the LuxExpo in Kirchberg. I am both curious and excited about going, so much love and future happy marriages floating around. I believe in fairytales, long happy marriages and they lived happily ever after.

Some periods in life are more hectic than the standard hectic periods. Even if I have no personal experience of getting married, it’s commonly known that planning a marriage is both one of the happiest periods of our life (if we marry by love) and as it seems, can also be quite stressful with all details that need to be attended to

The list is endless; remembering all friends who invited you to their wedding, agreeing on the “right” number of guests, getting the right feeling and place, the groom wants to get in shape and the bride wants to shed some weight to look fantastic on the wedding photos, and yes – getting a photographer who is nice to work with, the food, the cake, the drinks, the decoration, the little gifts, the music, the entertainment and om my God – the DRESS!!!

Recent research shows that how we THINK about stress actually defines how our bodies react to stress when we’re exposed to it. That is a powerful fact to take into consideration in how we lead our life, especially in times of stress peaks.

When you feel the stress coming on; inhale, exhale and say “everything will be OK”.

Live happily ever after…

My way of contributing to “happy marriages” is through collaboration with Nancy Wendt at The Party Ville. If you are about to join the circle of love, please come and visit Nancy and let her hear about your dreams. She will help you find the PERFECT feeling and look for your wedding. Everyone who enters Nancy’s wedding draw has the chance to win, among other things, an exclusive 1:1 Pre-Marriage coaching session with me.

In your session, we will focus on optimizing how you manage your life and the time that leads up to your magic day, and beyond. The session can be scheduled for the two of you as a couple, or, if you prefer, as a 1:1 session with either the future bride or the groom.

The Wedding Planner

Nancy is a very talented and experienced wedding planner with her unique touch to make your special day blissfully magic. At a recent summer wedding, that she decorated at the Châteaux du Bois d’Arlon, one of her contacts at the venue said:

In all the years I have worked here, I have never seen the place look this beautiful.

Photo: Nancy Wendt, The Party Ville

When someone’s about to get married, we’re not supposed to talk about “ugly truths”. It’s better if we just pretend it doesn’t exist? Let’s be real, divorce rates in Europe today are somewhere around 50%, depending on what country you live in, or more accurately, which culture you come from. The best thing we can do to avoid such things is to prepare, to be clear about our expectations and shared goals, improve our communication as a couple, to support each other’s individual goals and be mindful of our commitments. By doing so, we set our marriage up for success.

“I have worked with a variety of different characters; from diplomats, NFL pros, and journalists, to entrepreneurs, CEOs, startup owners, overwhelmed mothers, event planners, and leadership gurus. Independent of their goals and desires in life, there is one common factor they all struggle with: time management.”

The right term to use is LIFE management. Independent of how you manage your time, the same thing happens with it: tic, toc, tic, toc. Time always passes at the same speed. It’s when you get serious about how you manage the choices you make and the actions you take, that you can really get ahead in life, both emotionally and in many other ways.

Photo: Gretel Photography

Come and visit Nancy and myself at the LuxExpo. Friday and Saturday 29+30 September and Sunday 1 October, and live happily ever after…

Want to find us at the Wedding Expo: call Nancy at 691 – 623 600 or email her at, or Annica at 691 – 583 696, email

Photo: Nancy Wendt, The Party Ville

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