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I was spell-bound by your energy!

This was a super show. Amazing insights that you have shared. I simply had the best of times. I must tell you this; the feel with the conviction with the authority and the balance that you brought into the conversation was spell-bounding. It was amazing. Thank you for the superb energy that you brought in! /Recording of the TLR Show of May 29th 2020

Udayan Trivedi

One of the most productive and valuable experiences of my career

Coaching with Annica has been one of the most productive and valuable experiences of my career.

Annica helped to formalize and structure my business, clarify goals, and set priorities. Her unique personality, experience, ability to connect, understand, and adopt coaching style to the individual is a truly winning combination.

Annica challenges, supports, and inspires to go the extra mile and to do things you have not even seen yourself doing before.

Laura Pakasiene


In December 2018 I was in contact with Annica and from the first conversation you have, there is something renovating going to happen with your life. Annica is my Mentor and Personal Development Coach, who has been very influential in becoming the better me. The program Annica sets out analyses where you are at this moment of your career and life and will bring you to the next level, where you desire to be.

Annica is a great listener, gets to know you as a person, is able to pinpoint your traits and accelerates your developments. Working with Annica the ambiance is friendly and professional, you do not hold back and the conversations are straightforward. In return Annica provides you techniques to have a creative attitude, belief and positive vision to engage yourself differently.

I would highly recommend Annica a Leader in Coaching who delivers authentic added value, integrity, trustworthiness, partnership and supports positive culture to enhance your performance and developments. It is a real honor to have met and continue to work with Annica.

Nunzio Romano
Private Equity, Hedge Funds & Depositary Bank


I appreciated a lot the training we had with you and I see how a tiny little more attentive of things I am these days. Just today I had a profound reflection during a meeting with a completely opposite (unstructured) type of person. I was noticing how my irritation raised up subconsciously in reaction to a lot of bla-bla-bla and tried to cool it down by seeing the other side of things 😅. Thank you for it.

Iryna Sagaidak


I love working with Annica. Her energy is amazing, she thinks outside the box, and has an instinct about what direction a session should take before I have a clue!! Annica offers great advice when requested. She is perceptive, reflective and insightful.  When I need a push outside my comfort zone, she is the go-to coach.  Thank you, Annica.  It is great to have you as my secret agent!

Michele Poulton
Skills for Life Coaching


Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2019 was an event not to miss out. I came with my newborn baby and it was absolutely worth it! This event was packed with knowledge, inspiration and fun. We heard the honest truth about mompreneur obstacles. We heard uncovered truth about mental struggles we all share, but we don’t dare to talk about. We heard practical advice on how to overcome any challenges and succeed. We heard inspiring speakers from diversified fields sharing their valuable lessons. We also have heard local speakers, who took the courage to share their message on stage. We heard women, we heard men. It was an event full of inclusion, encouragement, connection, and networking with amazing personalities.

Besides being an expert in leadership, Annica is an amazing entertainer and can keep the audience focused and convey priceless wisdom in a fun and understandable way. Annica gives you motivation, hope and courage. Courage to keep on going, to keep on believing and to keep on being the best version of yourself with respect to your very own uniqueness.

Thank you for bringing this platform to life dear WED. It’s an excellent opportunity for every single one of us to learn, grow and connect.

Valentina Stoops
Travel Journalist