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I met Annica at a workshop at Vodafone in 2017 where her speaking skills fascinated me. She connected with the public and made a real impact on us. I asked her then to help my boss in leadership strategies and techniques. I saw a great improvement in my workplace and in the leadership style of my boss. Years later I decided to launch my start-up company and came to the point when I saw too many problems and felt unable to make decisions, it was just too much for me. I saw that Annica led a mastermind group so I decided to join it in combination with 1:1 coaching sessions with her.

How did she help me kick off my start-up? She taught me techniques to focus on the long-term goals, she helped me to optimize my time management, divided into personal, single-mum time and my third baby ( my company) time. She helped me get a clear vision of what my money-generating activities are. She led me to develop skills much needed for entrepreneurship; from communication style to networking and closing deals. And last but not least, she connected me with her wide network.

At the end of the sessions, I got what I needed, professional guidance through tough moments in entrepreneurship. I felt all decisions were easy with coaching from Annica.


Esada Kvisko
New Brands Luxembourg


I still can’t get over yesterday’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Day event. I feel so high! 🙂 I got very much inspired and motivated. Thank you so much for such a gift.

Sandra Būdvytytė
Alternative Investments and Wealth Management


I was honored to be invited by Annica Törneryd to the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day event, in Luxembourg. It was such a unique, inspiring & fun event. What I love about Annica and her unfiltered, no-nonsense style, is that whether she talks to the Prime Minister of Luxembourg or to her kids, there is no difference, and she keeps you on your toes!!! Thank you for sharing your journey, and what it truly means to be a woman entrepreneur (the good, the bad, and everything in between 😄😭😭🤔🥰🙌🤯🤬😍).

Fadima Fievee
Digital Marketing &VA


After one session with Annica, my life has literally changed. Having been practising as a Hypnotherapist and life coach for a few years, I struggled with the marketing and confidence to attract clients. After meeting Annica, I was so inspired by her authentic nature and business acumen, and already after one coaching session, I felt confident to push myself to another level. I attracted clients immediately. Her coaching is unique and the questions she asks helps me believe I can build a successful business. Annica is a highly skilled coach and an inspirational woman, I am truly privileged to have worked with her.

Kuldeep Sehajpal


I am a dreamer. I have the tendency to have loads of great ideas without being able to put them into practice. Lately, it became really stressful, having my head full of dreams, going back to work and trying to do things I love and at the same time, being a good mum and partner. I was not able to even chose which dreams I want to make true.

Annica is an achiever. It is a great inspiration for me to learn from somebody who manages to make her dreams real with such great energy. Her strength seems to empower everybody she attracts into her circle.

She helped me to get clear regarding what is important in my life and what are my values. She taught me simple and practical tools to stay focused, that is helping me every day to do my work and still keep the energy for my personal projects and family.

Annica is also a great listener. She knows exactly when you need to be pampered and when you need a kick in the butt. She pinpoints the root of your problem with incredible accuracy and helps you see it with the same clarity.

It was great to meet with other people in the Mastermind group and see that even if we come from completely different backgrounds, we share the same fears and struggles. It was beautiful to see my fellow Masterminders grow, inspire and be inspired.


Klaudia Sauerová
Yoga Teacher


Since I came in contact with Annica one year ago so many things have fallen into place and when looking back I see how much I have accomplished and changed. Annica has especially helped me to see my value, coached me before public speaking and salary negotiations. With Annica, so many more doors have opened for me and I don’t even want to think about where I would (still) be if I hadn’t contacted her last year.
Annica is a direct and genuine coach, she is extremely generous with her time and efforts. If you are looking for a coach that will help you take your career and self-esteem to the next level, Annica is your choice.

Sophia Karlsson
Head of Business Development