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I cannot think of anything else in life that has been more rewarding, developing, transformational and inspiring. I am amazed every time I think of what I managed to accomplish with myself from working with Annica.

Annica provides something I’ve been looking for and searching for a long time; guidance and tools to see and understand myself, my behaviors, my interaction with others and what matters most in life.

No matter where you are in your situation, Annica can help you become the person you want to be and accomplish what you dreamed about but did not dare. With Annica’s support, I have discovered that I can accomplish everything I want. She guides me to be the absolute best version of myself and I love it!

Carolina Lindblad
Health Therapist


“Become the best version of you”

It was not easy for me to change my country for the third time, speak and learn new languages, see myself as a “Desperate Housewife” when I was used to being a competent and professionally active woman. All my certainties were shaken and I ended up doubting myself and my capacity.

Through Annica’s Mastermind group program I managed to redefine my goals, which actions are aligned with what I want, what I have to stop doing and what I have to start… in short, how to become the best version of me again!

It’s not by chance that during this time, I found a job and I decided to put down roots in this beautiful country. Now I wake up every morning with a happy smile!

Thank you Annica!

Rosanna Doimo

Best dollars spent in a long time

Just invested in my growth by seeking 1-on-1 mentoring with Annica. Best dollars I’ve spent in a long time!

Don’t hesitate. Seize the opportunity to take action and fulfill YOUR purpose! Don’t let life run you. LEAD your life.

Annica Törneryd will certainly move you exponentially closer to where you want to be!

Joe Grace

A wonderful experience

I joined Annica’s online mastermind group because I was losing sight of my life. I was overwhelmed and unable to move forward. The tools Annica provided really helped me to make a shift in my head and start to pull myself up out of the hole. The accountability and support of the group were invaluable, and I was able to learn not only from Annica but from the other ladies who took part. It was a wonderful experience that I hope to repeat again from a different perspective in my life.


Lynsey Baxter
Health Coach

Life-changing experience

I totally recommend Annica’s mastermind groups. They have changed my life! I was able to rediscover myself: my true potential, life goals, internal fears to be conquered and the list goes on. Annica is an extremely genuine, kind, hilariously funny, close to the heart kind of person. Being part of her sessions was a real blessing as I have taken my first steps towards achieving my big dreams. I know what I want to do with my life. I know that I can achieve anything I want to. I know that I will be living an intentional life full of hope and aspirations. I thank Annica for being who she is. I now have her as a friend for life. Don’t miss an opportunity to join her mastermind groups! It will change your life forever!


Cherine Makram
Dale Carnegie Trainer

Mastermind group

I have just completed a Mastermind group program led by Annica and would like to share my impressions. My very first interaction with Annica was very brief, but there was this incredible positive vibe she exuded, and I was quite keen to participate in her Mastermind group program. I am glad I did, because through the month-long program I really got a chance to gain valuable insights and some much-needed positive influence in getting back on track after a career break. Annica does not mince words and is a great motivator, one who is realistic and gives practical advice. I also really like the fact that she draws inspiration from her own personal stories, which made it very easy for me to connect. Overall it was an incredible experience to participate in the Mastermind program, one that leaves me with a lasting impact.

Aazhi Aadhan