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Time Management is nonsense

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Here’s the thing; whether you manage your time or not, the same thing happens: tick… tock… tick… tock… and on it goes until time has ran out. Right! It is not our time management that makes a difference in our life. It is the type of activities we schedule into our day, and with what kind of focus and intentionality we perform our activities that will have an impact on our results and in the extension – on our life.

Yes, time passes, for every breath you take, for every step you take, for every blink you make, for every drop that falls from a fountain, more of your time is forever gone. Pretty impressive thought, the kind that makes you want to stand up and get things done NOW! In this podcast episode, we’re talking about time thieves, about the fact that “time is the most valuable commodity we have” – shoutout to Kelly Fidel who said that to me back in 2015 at a live mastermind meeting in California. We’re also talking about time blocking, working in batches, and my personal favorite to increase efficiency: “time tracking”. If you want to experience a very productive day: go for time tracking!!!

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