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Keynote Speaker

Annica Törneryd, Luxembourg Ambassador of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization, live event November 2019.
Photo by: Gretel Photography

Book Annica Törneryd as your keynote speaker to inspire and empower your audience to believe they can be, do and have more.

As a transformation catalyst, Annica uses her own inspiring story to connect with your audience in a unique way and invite them to explore their full potential. Whether it’s a 45-minute Lunch & Learn session, a key note talk, or a half-day seminar, Annica will design the content to meet your specific needs and wishes, and to amplify the topic of your event, while speaking to your audience in a personal and entertaining way.


Annica totally surprised me when I recently participated as a speaker at a conference moderated by her. While the whole set-up of the conference was refreshingly unconventional, Annica navigated through the moderation combining sharp and discerning questions with a cordial lightness, that immediately diffused a very positive and receptive mood throughout the audience.

She invigorated the whole conference with this mix of energy and warmth, not shying away from disclosing appropriately personal anecdotes in the conversations with the various speakers. That gave those conversations a real sense of authenticity and even induced the speakers to speak far more freely and open-heartedly. Annica, you know how to put your speakers at ease; I wish we had more moderators like you! Aude Lemogne – Director at Link Management SARL


wed women’s entrepreneurship day luxembourg

I was honored to be invited by Annica Törneryd to the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day event, in Luxembourg. It was such a unique, inspiring & fun event. What I love about Annica and her unfiltered, no-nonsense style, is that whether she talks to the Prime Minister of Luxembourg or to her kids, there is no difference, and she keeps you on your toes!!! Thank you for sharing your journey, and what it truly means to be a woman entrepreneur (the good, the bad, and everything in between 😄😭😭🤔🥰🙌🤯🤬😍). Fadima Fievee – Digital Marketing & VA