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COMMITMENT on a scale 0:10

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Commitment by Kelly Sikkema

Who is the person or the project you are most committed to? Who would you drop everything for if they asked or your help? Who would you adjust to and be flexible for? In my personal opinion, the one person you should be the absolute most committed to is: YOU! This morning as I was brushing my teeth I realized that I keep making the same mistake over and over, in so many different ways. I believe most of us do, because we want to be nice, we want to please or we actually care a great deal, so we make efforts for others to maintain positive, fun, loving or exciting relationships, whether that is family, romance, friendship or business. We are so incredibly good at committing to others, to giving and pouring into others. This episode intends to make you think about who you really are committed to, and if it’s perhaps time to show up for you?

Take a moment and consider what in your own personal situation would change if you started showing up and committing to you, the way you do for your absolute best friend or the one you love most of all… Can you see what I see?? Like “holy cow… you would become unstoppable”. Imagine having someone like you on your team. Someone awesome and super supportive!!! I say go for it! Step into this game and play to win. I bet on you 🙂 Commitment is the very first thing we explore in my online coaching program You Own Your Life. If you want to be part of a powerful, inspiring, and transformational group of positive change, enrolment is open now. See you there!

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