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What’s your biggest lie?

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OK, yes, this is an uncomfortable topic. 100%. In my opinion, and I’m fully aware that I may be wrong, but until proven wrong, this remains my opinion: we all lie. Beginning with ourselves, we lie to ourselves. We all have these high standards we want to live up to. And we all have “life” to deal with, meaning we don’t quite make it up to our high standards, so… at the end of the day, we say we do life one way, but we really do it another way.

If this triggers you, it will be your choice to decide if you leave this topic and move on with doing whatever it was you were doing when your path crossed the blog. Or… you give it a chance and listen to this podcast episode where I share my thoughts around the lies we tell ourselves. And more importantly, what damage we create in our own lives by doing so.

This topic, all the lies we tell ourselves, is something that fascinates me, and I have shared incredibly interesting conversations with my coaching clients, both individuals and groups, about the same. There’s a clear pattern:

1) We all set the bar so high it’s often quite impossible to live up to even on a good day, and

2) We all put in a lot of effort and energy to somehow compensate for the “gap” of not having delivered to our highest capacity or at peak performance.

End result? Frustration. Irritation. A lot of not so nice things, all the way to resentment and self-loathing. This is clearly not a constructive or positive way of leading one’s life. How can we do it better?

I have an idea!!! Listen to this episode and get a new perspective on how to “stop lying to yourself”.

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