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Annica Törneryd Biography

Annica Fist Up

Annica is an international motivational keynote speaker and the CEO and founder of ACT2exceed. She is the host of the popular talk show OWN IT – The Confidence Podcast, the daily voice that will inspire, empower and encourage you to want to become your everything. She’s passionate about working with those who seek to be and do their best, enhancing the performance of individuals and teams. Her keynote speeches, workshops and individual coaching sessions are very popular. Annica personally applies the tools she shares with her clients, to transform her own life and enhance her performance, communication, time management, and productivity. She has designed her dream lifestyle, combining the freedom she wants for her private life with her professional goals. She loves to perform on an international arena and work with people who also want to live life to the fullest. Annica is dedicated to always deliver to her highest standards, and will inspire you to do the same.

As a certified coach, trainer and speaker and Executive Director of the John Maxwell Team, Annica offers keynotes, interactive workshops, training and coaching, on leadership, personal and professional development. As a great listener, Annica analyzes her clients’ ongoing challenges and reflects it back in a way that often leads to breakthroughs and transformation.

Annica is an experienced facilitator of The Leadership Game and has played it with people from all over the world. The game helps organizations improve their leadership intelligence and increase their effectiveness. It is a fun, yet challenging experience designed to help you and your team better understand core leadership values.

Prior to founding ACT2exceed, Annica spent 20 years living and working in five different countries, on two continents. She has been an official at the European Parliament for over a decade, and collaborated closely with the Director Genereal of the Translation Directorate in the excellent execution of the enlargement of the EU, officially appreciated by the Secretary General. Annica has worked as a Press Assistant at the Swedish Embassy in Paris, a Clinical Studies Administrator at AstraZeneca, an event organizer for The Event Organization Company hosting large annual events for corporations in London. Her experiences include administration of international Clinical Studies, Human Resources, marketing, recruiting Seconded National Experts, planning and hosting live events, managing international scholarship programs and communicating with embassies, governments, and international authorities.

Annica is a self-published author of five books, with two more in the making. Her first book “The Last Single Mom” made #1 on the Bestseller list of Hot New Release, and a personal favorite “The Youth Book” made bestseller on all of Amazon’s platforms. She’s also an online writer for international blogs such as SuccessStory and TinyBuddha and has contributed with multiple articles to what used to be John Maxwell’s inspirational blog The Leading Edge.

As a member of the Dress For Success Luxembourg team, Annica facilitates workshops on Work/Life Balance, in English and French, as part of a government-funded project that aims to promote integration, togetherness, and solidarity for refugee women.

In the Global Youth Initiative, (#GYI) Annica delivers impactful workshops and presentations (French and English) to youth, with main focus on self-esteem and personal character.

As a mentor in the Young Enterprise Project, organized by Jonk Entrepreneuren in Luxembourg, Annica supports, guides and mentors students during 5 months to design a realistic Business Plan and deliver several powerful and attractive pitches before a live jury. Her teams have been finalists and winners.

As Luxembourgish Ambassador for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Annica is passionate about supporting and celebrating women entrepreneurs, women in leadership positions and women-owned companies. Also raising funds and awareness about women in poverty.

Annica has always been drawn to coaching and personal development, and started competing in different sports at a young age. A strong and positive mindset was imperial when she competed in full-contact kickboxing, coached by the French Champion and European runner-up, Silvo Sustar.

“Implementing self-leadership, with focus, consistency and discipline, has helped me improve my life multiple times over. One of my priorities is selecting mentors with great wisdom, knowledge and experience, to optimize my potential.”

Annica’s greatest satisfaction comes from inspiring and supporting others to reach their full potential, be and do their very best and fulfill their dreams, according to their highest standards.

On a more personal note; Annica is a high-achiever who loves a challenge: international awards, speaking to audiences in four different languages and personal challenges. She is a champion in full-contact kickboxing and a former American Red Cross lifeguard. Annica loves to set BIG goals, take action and follow through to get massive results! She is very fond of humanitarian projects and started her own called “Help Me Help Them“, where her main focus has been to connect, interact, communicate and engage with refugees in Luxembourg, as well as provide them with clothes, toys, and necessities.

Annica lives in Luxembourg, the green heart of Europe, with her three children (who were all born in one year). They are the foundation of her “why”, her greatest opportunity for personal growth, her pride and eternal source of love and joy.

“My favorite client is a female leader with a strong desire to achieve her goals, has a strong pattern of putting everyone else’s needs before her own, but wants to break this pattern and is now ready to invest in herself and start creating great things for herself, and as a result, also for her family and those around her!”

“I am looking forward to assisting you on your adventure of becoming your everything.”

Be all you can be! /Annica

7 Reasons to Work with Annica

Unique and Inspiring style

Annica’s background as champion in full-contact kick-boxing, American Red Cross lifeguard, former basketball player and dancer who’s worked over a decade as an official of the European Parliament, and was part of the small team that very successfully managed the Translation Directorate enlargement of the European Union, officially appreciated by the Secretary General, has equipped her with unique and valuable insights on peak performance. She delivers her sessions in an inspiring and entertaining way, to enrich your attitude and increase your self-confidence. You will leave each session feeling empowered and ready to create positive change in your life.

The Real Deal

Authenticity has always been one of my core values. I tell the truth, and talk about life, work, family and challenges in a REAL and humane way, that instantly bridges the gap between you and me to “we”. I strive to make you laugh at some of my challenges, and encourage and inspire you to see how you can overcome yours with hands-on and applicable tools.

Author of FIVE books

Annica has written and published five books, with several more in the making. Annica’s first book The Last Single Mom, made No 1 on the bestseller’s list as Hot New Release. She has built a program called Your Brand in a Book, to help aspiring authors turn their story into a self-published book. Every one of us have a unique story to tell. Perhaps it is your story that is someone’s light.

Multilingual & Multicultural

After having spent over two decades living and working in five different countries on two continents Annica speaks Swedish, English, French, Luxembourgish and really bad German. She is of Swedish nationality, in the process of getting dual nationality in Luxembourg. With over two decades of working on the international arena, Annica has developed an excellent communication style and skillfully connects with clients and collaborators of different cultures and nationalities.

Passion & Humanity

I love adding value to those who need guidance, help and encouragement. The contribution as mentor to young entrepreneurs in the Young Enterprise Project, organized by Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg, was rewarded by the Grand Duke and Grand-Duchesse of Luxembourg, and a third place in the national final for the students I mentored.
As one of the mentors of Dress For Success Luxembourg, I deliver workshops in French and English in the Work Readiness Program of the mateneen project, sponsored by l’Oeuvre National de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, and also co-authored the Work Readiness Guide that was published in three languages.
My personal humanitarian project Help Me Help Them supports refugee families in Luxembourg.

Burnout Expert

If you haven’t experienced REAL burnout, this will mean nothing to you. But if you did, or are currently dealing with it, you will know that in order for me to; raise three babies alone, in a foreign country, without family or financial support, totally collapse from burnout both physically and mentally, recover and write a book about it (in several languages), resign from my very secure employment to rebuild life on my terms, and start a successful business in a country with four official languages – there’s more than plain human blood in my veins. There is fire and desire to reach my full potential! There is dynamite! Let me lift you higher, so you can become your everything.

International Mompreneur

I admire any parent who manages to raise children in a healthy way in today’s society. Parenting is challenging. Or like I enjoy saying, “it’s my biggest opportunity for personal growth”. Add the following to the parenting challenge: give birth to three babies in one year, start a business and work as an independent, in a foreign country, as a single parent, trying to support your children with German homework (when you’ve never studied German), prioritizing healthy eating and an active life style, operating as taxi driver after school and on weekends, manage to make my children a natural and powerful element of my work/life, and more… without going crazy! It takes a lot of courage, stamina and strength, and a very strong belief in yourself. I feel entitled to say – if I can do it, so can you!