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How to be HAPPY

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Very often when talking about what the definition of success is, we hear people mention happiness. The “old” definition of success may be money, but we’re changing, we’re evolving and we want more out of life than “just” money. We want a fuller life experience. And for that, we need happiness!

Take the full list of obligations, stress, commitments, job assignments, family promises and the challenges, opportunities, and dreams of our life, no wonder a lot of people feel overwhelmed. We struggle with feeling truly happy. Then throw some global pandemic on top of that, and we don’t need very much more to understand why so many feel overwhelmed now, with one foot making contact with the big bad beast of depression. And for some, even worse: burnout.

So, what can we do then? How can we get on top of our mental health and emotional wellbeing? Can we create our own happiness? One thing is for sure; scientifically proven, we have up to 40% of our level of happiness in our own hands. We can control it. Doesn’t that make you feel like you want to maximize the 40% to a full dose of 40%, and not give away any of what you can control?

40% of your happiness is in your own control!

Irene Masiku, Happiness Coach

I love what Irene says in this interview about every situation and result you have in your life; you have co-created this situation. Look at that from a “being in control of your happiness” perspective: you can co-create all your happiness.

Happiness Coach Irene Masiku shares a lot of valuable information, wisdom, and thoughts around how to create your own happiness in this interview. Happiness being a key ingredient to a great life, I made sure to include this topic in the 2020 Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization celebrations. Enjoy the full interview with Irene on the podcast Own It, episode 93.

So many great thoughts on what we CAN impact in our own happiness; how we breathe, our awareness, great books to read, seeking sources of inspiration, controlling our mind, choosing our thoughts, co-creating our situations, taking responsibility of our results, feelings and relationships and so much more. This podcast is one of the top 10 most downloaded episodes, for a very good reason.

Three minutes without breath, and you’re out of here…

Irene points out the importance of breathing for your health.

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