Mastermind group

I have just completed a Mastermind group program led by Annica and would like to share my impressions. My very first interaction with Annica was very brief, but there was this incredible positive vibe she exuded, and I was quite keen to participate in her Mastermind group program. I am glad I did, because through the month-long program I really got a chance to gain valuable insights and some much-needed positive influence in getting back on track after a career break. Annica does not mince words and is a great motivator, one who is realistic and gives practical advice. I also really like the fact that she draws inspiration from her own personal stories, which made it very easy for me to connect. Overall it was an incredible experience to participate in the Mastermind program, one that leaves me with a lasting impact.

Aazhi Aadhan

Inspiring workshops

I met Annica TÖRNERYD a month ago at a workshop for adults wishing to return to work. She impressed me with her positive energy and her desire to encourage people and to make them aware of the power they have over their own thoughts. Annica has the gift to motivate and inspire others. This is the reason why two weeks later I decided to register my two daughters for one of her workshops dealing with self-esteem and self-image. My daughters left this workshop with happy smiles, sparkles in their eyes and a burning desire for random acts of kindness. “I was holding the door today at school, lots of people were smiling at me, my teachers smiled at me too.” This was the first sentence I heard from one of my daughters the very next day.

I highly recommend Annica’s services to anyone who needs a skilled person to guide them towards a successful career. As a mother of two daughters, I can only recommend that parents attend Annica’s workshops and invest time and money in helping their kids to build solid self-esteem which is the key to a healthy, happy and successful life.


Youth Leadership Development

Thank you very much for running a Youth Leadership Development workshop for the Telstar International Scouts of Luxembourg. The timing was perfect as we have 20 new members and so the group as a whole does not know each other very well. This workshop gave us the opportunity to get to know one another in a really different way and in a safe environment. It was especially good to see one usually very quiet Explorer open up and talk about himself and I think the other members will now have a lot more understanding and respect for him.

This was a very positive experience for us and I hope we now travel through the rest of this Scouting year much more aware of one another and supporting one another. We had never had the opportunity to do this type of activity before but I would certainly include it again;


“Scouting is about campfires and the outdoor life but it is also about self-respect and respect for others, this is one of our scouting laws, and this workshop was perfect for this.”

Telstar International Scouts Luxembourg

Self-esteem workshop

Annica captures the attention of all participants, young and old(er), from the start. With a lot of humor and sharing of her own experiences, she manages to get everyone to open up and participate.
To question our old habits and to make that “switch” into positive thinking instead of the usually more negative thoughts most of us repeat to ourselves daily. Beautiful to witness the young ones reflect and think about themselves in a strong positive way, realizing they are the most important person in their own life.
I’m sure Annica’s workshop gives everyone a lot to think about and I truly wish for ALL young people to be able to do this!
Paula Candell
Mother of 2

Diplomat Executive 1:1 Coaching

I signed up for the coaching sessions with Annica with the expectation to get a few tools to help me handle certain difficult leadership situations – and I came out with so much more than I expected. Annica reaches deep into your soul, has an immediate understanding of the issues at stake, helps to identify issues that you did not even know were there, and then sheds clarity on everything and helps you untie the knots with spot-on analysis and advice.

Working with Annica has helped me identify and work through the anxiety of becoming a leader of high rank. When you climb the professional ladder, it is expected that you are ready to perform and that nothing is difficult, but that is not always the case. Annica has helped me understand what was truly my difficulties and to overcome them, and has inspired me to focus on my strengths, to have a positive outlook and an ambitious vision for myself professionally and personally. After every session, it felt like I had my lungs full of fresh oxygen. She helped me believe in myself, and that is priceless.


Peak Performance in Life & Business

The U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg had the pleasure to collaborate with Annica Törneryd in the Start Up 4.0 Program, with focus on Social Entrepreneurship. She organized and facilitated an event titled Peak Performance in Life and Business which was very impactful for the participants. Annica is an experienced organizer, interviewer and presenter who conducted an interview with U.S. entrepreneur Sheena Lindahl followed by a q/a session from the audience. Her audience and collaborators are taken care of in a professional way and she delivers both quality programming and helpful insight from her many personal and professional experiences.

U.S. Embassy Luxembourg