I had the great pleasure to be mentored by Annica on a start-up project in the Young Enterprise Project, where our project SOVI was the winner and went on to compete internationally. Her unique approach to instill her trust and confidence in my capacity, led to a raving success with our project.

Annica has made a huge impact on my day-to-day thinking and has taught me strong communication and mindset skills as well as great leadership values. She is talented, always positive and full of energy; I therefore strongly recommend Annica.

Alessio Weber


I met Annica for the first time during one of her workshops. Annica has the talent to put you at ease and let the best of you come out. She gave me very clear guidance on real experiences and helped me adapt my communication style to achieve my goals.

Sahar Azari


The difference between me before and after working with Annica and feeling the impact on my life is exactly the same as between a bird in a cage and a private pilot. I love, so much, how I feel when we talk. I feel bubbles in my stomach, going up to my head. I want to run!

Feeling that all fears are unreal and breakable, feeling unstoppable, feeling the happiness, fulfillment and achievement of your dreams before starting to work on them, is nothing but the magical impact of having Annica as my coach.

I can see myself succeeding in everything I do!

Noha Elramly
Entrepreneurship & Architecture


Annica has the ability to bring out the best in you. Not by giving compliments, but actually by asking these “tough” questions that sometimes you are afraid asking yourself and you are constantly postponing giving the answers. Every session with Annica brings me closer to my real, happy, confident me. Annica has this amazing way of redefining the “hard questions” in a way that you really want to answer them and move forward. As a social entrepreneur I am a strong believer that solutions are possible if we take responsibility, if we take action and if we enjoy what we are doing. Having someone like Annica by my side makes my entrepreneurial journey easier, happier and more meaningful. With her honesty, her ability to analyze what I express and reflect back the true image of who I am, her ability to empathize and understand me and my journey, she has become someone that I truly trust. I highly recommend her not only as a coach but also as a friend! Yes, Annica is definitely the friend you would like to have. Thank you again Annica for helping me become who I really am.

Elfi Dontis
Social Entrepreneur


I cannot think of anything else in life that has been more rewarding, developing, transformational and inspiring. I am amazed every time I think of what I managed to accomplish with myself from working with Annica.

Annica provides something I’ve been looking for and searching for a long time; guidance and tools to see and understand myself, my behaviors, my interaction with others and what matters most in life.

No matter where you are in your situation, Annica can help you become the person you want to be and accomplish what you dreamed about but did not dare. With Annica’s support, I have discovered that I can accomplish everything I want. She guides me to be the absolute best version of myself and I love it!

Carolina Lindblad
Health Therapist


“Become the best version of you”

It was not easy for me to change my country for the third time, speak and learn new languages, see myself as a “Desperate Housewife” when I was used to being a competent and professionally active woman. All my certainties were shaken and I ended up doubting myself and my capacity.

Through Annica’s Mastermind group program I managed to redefine my goals, which actions are aligned with what I want, what I have to stop doing and what I have to start… in short, how to become the best version of me again!

It’s not by chance that during this time, I found a job and I decided to put down roots in this beautiful country. Now I wake up every morning with a happy smile!

Thank you Annica!

Rosanna Doimo