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Invitation to the Grand Opening of
the Maxwell Speaker’s Club Luxembourg

In The Maxwell Speaker’s Club, we take a world-class speaker, John Maxwell, and study his delivery skills, and then we learn how to apply them in our presentations. We model excellence, the fastest way to improve your skills.

The Maxwell Speaker’s Club does not only give you a practice field to engage and work on your speaking, but you also learn leadership values and principles that will impact your daily life. All this in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Our goal is to master the art of storytelling. Whether you want to be a speaker or are in sales, or just want to get more comfortable at networking with others and carry a good conversation, storytelling is the best way to do that.

We discuss the art of conversational communication and help you find your own voice while also creating a networking and business building environment with a 30-second blitz.

This speaker club is about connecting with your audience, not just delivering a great speech. To connect with our audience is number ONE when it comes to communication. We focus on the audience and on the experience the speaker creates for the audience, rather than “the perfection” of the speech. A presentation is most effective when we truly connect with our audience.

And – we have a World Speaker Club Competition where the winner gets to meet John Maxwell live.

Come and join us at the Grand Opening of the Maxwell Speaker’s Club Luxembourg.
Your first visit is FREE!

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