Will you help me fulfill a dream?

Facing fears and committing to challenges is something that often leads to BIG results. It also comes with a lot of emotional turbulence, frustration, discipline, sacrifice and hard work. And that is the reason why most of the time, most people don’t face their fears, and never fully commit to achieving […]

It’s not the right time…

You want to be HAPPIER, have more time for YOU, be less stressed so you can ENJOY  time with your family, allow yourself some creative thinking time to see what it is you really want to achieve, be, do or experience in life, maybe even have time to get in […]

Can coaching make you an author?

 What else can you do? In less than a month, I wrote and published my latest book, The Youth Book. I just recorded this in a video, here it is. I had no plan on writing this book, at all. It was in a coaching session with my coaching partner […]

Global Youth Initiative week in Luxembourg

John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative To Serve 500,000 International Event Held In Luxembourg by Annica Törneryd LUXEMBOURG — Half a million young people will be served this coming October through The John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative. The series of events are being held worldwide Monday, October 9 through […]