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Tribute to International Women in Luxembourg

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8th of March, International Women’s Day

In less than a month, on March 8th, it’s the International Women’s Day, and I look forward to celebrating it with a special event, together with a group of amazing, international women.

In Luxembourg, more than most other cities, we have women from ALL over the world; nationalities, cultures, religions, colors, styles, languages, and more. I love the differences and the perspectives it brings to workshops I facilitate.

The International Women’s Day is a very special day to some. It’s a day like all others to some. Others are annoyed by it. Either way, what I want to celebrate is HERE, locally, in the city of Luxembourg, the international aspect, and multiculturalism of all the different women I meet here, putting the spotlight on togetherness in an empowerment workshop at member club House17.

This will be one of those moments you wish would never end, or could be something regular in your life! Come as stressed, tired, overwhelmed, frustrated or “stuck” as you want. You will walk out of there feeling energized, happy, light, able and way more than “enough”, with at LEAST one thing to take immediate action on to keep the momentum of the positive vibes. You will be surrounded by like-minded women who will appreciate your company!

Drop in from 9:30 AM.
Workshop starts at 10:00 AM.
Lovely conversations and networking from 11:30 AM
End of workshop 12:00 PM.

Cost: 30 euros, includes coffee/tea.

Limited seating, only 12 spots.

I am SUPER excited about this workshop, and I look forward to seeing you there!

Get your ticket HERE!



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