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Global Youth Initiative week in Luxembourg

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John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative To Serve 500,000

International Event Held In Luxembourg by Annica Törneryd

LUXEMBOURG — Half a million young people will be served this coming October through The John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative. The series of events are being held worldwide Monday, October 9 through Sunday, October 15, 2017, in large cities and small villages internationally.

The John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative is an international movement comprising hundreds of free community events with topics ranging from leadership development to anti-bullying, self-esteem and more to help the youth in communities around the world thrive. This is targeted for youth in ages 8 to 18.

Here in Luxembourg, Annica Törneryd, of ACT2execed will host several events for youth during the week. The events will be held at a time and location of your choice. You bring the youth to your venue, I bring the teaching and a powerful and interactive workshop. Reach out to me TODAY to schedule your event. First come, first served, until my calendar is full!

Two events are open to the public, where you can register your teenager for a fun and interactive workshop that will boost self-confidence and help build a strong personal character. All details are found here: English workshop, and French workshop.

The events will be on the below-listed topics, and can be presentations and workshops from 30 minutes, up to a full day of interaction:

• Developing a Positive Self Image
• Learning to Fail Forward to Success
• Stand Up & Be Counted (Stop Bullying)
• Developing Strong Personal Character

“What a weary time those years were — to have the desire and the need to live but not the ability.”
― Charles Bukowski

Through The John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative, we have the chance to influence tomorrow’s leaders today and equip them well to do so. As my mentor, John Maxwell says, “leadership develops daily, not in a day”. Our goal is to spark an intentional and lifelong leadership interest in today’s youth.

As Certified members take to their communities to make a difference, events will be happening all around the world! Now is your chance to participate in this wonderful event. Reach out to me and let’s collaborate. You bring the youth to your venue, and I bring the workshop!

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