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The daily habits you need to reach your BIG goals

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How to reach your BIG goals by taking small steps every day

If you want bigger and better results in your relationship, business, health or finances, the first thing you need to improve is… YOU! That might not sound so charming and interesting. It’s not even innovative, but at least it’s true.

We all want better results, more of this and less of that, right? More money, more holidays, less stress, less fat, more hair, less cellulite, more time, fewer worries, bigger houses and cars, smaller thighs and bills, bigger promotions and of course, more love. Different results require different types of efforts; like time, energy, money, attention and almost always discipline. I say “almost always” as some have a burning desire and are super motivated to achieve their goal, so discipline is not really necessary. Even if some have the courage to take the first slippery steps and commit for a while, not so many seem to muster the required discipline to go the full distance needed for sustainable change.

The worst thing with looking at the results we want is that they tend to feel quite overwhelming because they are so far from where we are today. They make us give up even before we start, or very soon after we start. “How on earth am I ever going to fit into those skinny pre-motherhood jeans again, when I look like a hippo now?” Or “how will I ever afford that luxury vacation to my dream destination, when there are so many bills that have to be paid each month?” How could I ever get the dream job as a lawyer, when I don’t even have a college degree? I’d really like to get in better shape, but I can hardly stay awake watching TV. And on it goes… so we give up even before we start.

But what if we look at it from another perspective? What if we KNEW that we could achieve that goal, by start making small efforts EVERY DAY. What if we knew that it was possible if we just stick to the plan and keep making the right choice EVERY DAY.

What truly creates big wins is nothing more than the tiny details of our daily habits.

Feel free to read that sentence again… There is so much truth and power in it.

I can also say that in a different way, in a more “truth-bomb’ish” way; it means you need to go with the boring option, the one that comes with resistance, and not the tempting and easy option. Eat the salad, not the pizza. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Go for a jog, instead of watching another series on TV. Read a good book, instead of scrolling on your iPhone for 90 minutes of nothing. Save 5% of your income every month, instead of buying a new piece of something you don’t really need. We want the good stuff now, and go for it most often, and at the same time, we desire the situation, body or vacation that requires us to invest in the other option. If you want better results, make the choice that feels less attractive today, knowing that it will bring us closer to that REALLY desirable outcome we can have by keep making the right choice, for … a while. Yes, sometimes it’s longer than we want. Most often way longer than we want actually. But here’s some great news; everyone who DID make the right choice for a long time, will tell you that YES, it was worth it!

Going back to my first sentence; if you want to have better results in your life, start by improving YOU. “How”, you wonder. Or maybe you don’t, but here’s how to do it!

The 7 steps to guaranteed success

  1. Take a moment to figure out what it is you REALLY want to achieve, be, have, do in order to be happy.
  2. Create a detailed Personal Growth Plan, that is custom designed to support the life and situation you want.
  3. Break down the big parts to small daily actions.
  4. Make sure that every detail will bring you closer to the goal, or it shouldn’t be on your list.
  5. Schedule each action step into your agenda and stick to the plan, EVERY DAY.
  6. Make sure you plan your daily steps and actions to a size that will not be overwhelming. Make it challenging, but not overwhelming.
  7. Celebrate the small wins! This will auto-motivate you to keep going.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

Perhaps you’re one of those who feels that Personal Growth is nothing but an “à la mode”-term, overused by restless souls who need it as a part of their reason for being. I’d like to share some of the things I love about personal growth, and perhaps it will talk to you.

  • Experiencing my full potential, and enjoying what difference that daily little effort can make in my life.
  • Getting clear on what it is I want to achieve, be, do, have and experience in my life, and finding the ways to achieve my desired result.
  • Feeling wiser and more knowledgeable.
  • Becoming a better parent.
  • Becoming a better person.
  • Having an “easier” life emotionally, thanks to a greater understanding of self.
  • Better relationships thanks to a greater understanding of others.

And some of the reasons why I love personal growth:

  • It helps me be all I can be, at this moment.
  • It makes me excited, knowing that I can be and do more.
  • Exploring my full potential makes me feel alive.
  • Taking control of my own growth and how I lead my life is both liberating and empowering.
  • The process is very rewarding and fulfilling, it makes me happy.

“A little bit of discipline goes a very long way!”

If you want to start this journey to a better, happier, healthier and more joyful YOU, I invite you to sign up for a free Strategy Session. You will get lots of value and clarity from it, guaranteed. Schedule your time here.

Be all you can be!


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