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Facing fears and committing to challenges is something that often leads to BIG results.

It also comes with a lot of emotional turbulence, frustration, discipline, sacrifice and hard work. And that is the reason why most of the time, most people don’t face their fears, and never fully commit to achieving their goals and desires. Everyone who wants to lose some weight knows exactly what I’m talking about 😉

Remember, we are what we DO, not what we say we’ll do “one day”.

I’ve taken a jump and registered in a competition for speakers. Out of the competitors, there will be 12 finalists who compete live in Stockholm in February. The 12 finalists will be chosen partly by a jury, and partly by the votes from YOU!

If you open the link below and click on the button “Rösta” – I am eternally gratefull!!!


This is a 3-minute video where I talk about the fact that life very rarely turns out like we wanted, planned or thought it would. Almost never actually. I share some of my personal story on recovering from burnout as a single mother with 3 babies, in a foreign country far from my family in Sweden. I share how I managed to turn my life around from feeling and being totally and utterly broken, to living a life where I’m happy and strong. I’m still tired now and then; but what single mom of three, who’s a business owner, with no other family around wouldn’t be?

I would love to get your support and receive a vote from you!!! This post is partly about committing to a challenge: in sending in my application to Talarforum Talang 2018 – AND – partly about facing fears: in asking for your support (yucki feeling “please, please, like me”).
Anyway, if you vote for me, please know that it means SO MUCH to me!!!! And I promise to keep you posted on how it goes.

I’ll record a video with the same story in English. Coming soon!

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