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Three short stories to warm your heart

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There’s so much negativity, scarcity, fear and restrictions going on in the world now, I think it’s good if we all made the effort to seek out and focus on the good. Here’s a short little episode to warm your heart.

Annica shares three short and sweet stories to warm your heart. Check out Own It The Confidence Podcast for more inspiration.

Friends, neighbors, family, loved ones, clients and others – including my own little family – seem to have a lot of pressure and challenges now. With this short little episode, I hope to put a smile on your face, or maybe even in your heart. After rain, there will be sunshine. If you’re having a rough day, if it all feels uphill, remember that better times will come! Shoutout to my friend Deli who shared a great story on Facebook, and a shoutout to one of my favorite Instagram accounts @tanksgoodnews. Thanks for all the great stories you share. Sending all my podcast followers a big virtual hug! Stay healthy!

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