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Values based leadership

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Annica is the ultimate #Values-based Leader. I have had two experiences with Annica that have shown her determination for making an impact and her ability to get things done. As a jury member of the Teen Entrepreneur Academy Awards, I communicated with Annica that the two winners came from Luxembourg. As moderator and Advisor of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, she invited them as guest speakers, along with some of the most successful business profiles in Luxembourg, and continues to support the girls, who have become well known in Luxembourg. Annica’s determination, collaboration and excellent communication with the media, community and government leaders lead to the event being widely recognized and as result, Cheryl Schmitz and Vicki Kipulu are now in a better position to carve their future.
Immediately after the launch of my book #Values, knowing that I would be visiting the Vatican as part of my book tour, in less than one week Annica organized a speaking engagement at nyuko, where members of the national press and a diverse audience of business leaders, refugees, and students, representing 14 countries, got to attend a lecture about #Values. I was amazed at how quickly Annica was able to organize this event, and her passion for making a difference came through. The Luxemburger Wort covered the event and in a quick trip, we were able to make an impact in people’s lives from different parts of the world.

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