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You Own Your Life – online coaching program

May 11, 2020 @ 8:00 pm 9:00 pm UTC

The online coaching program “You Own Your Life” is designed to help you get away from the sense of overwhelm, frustration and living in a reactive mode to all that’s happening around you, and instead get to a place where you feel productive, in full control and enjoy your life.

Becoming not only a better version of ourselves, but also someone we’re sincerely happy and pleased to spend time with, that’s a great place to be. That’s where all the magic happens!

The best investment one can ever make, is in our own personal development.

Starting now, with the first virtual group session on May 4th, we’re kicking off the pre-launch of You Own Your Life, the online coaching program for excellence in personal development.

Every Monday evening 8 PM CET (11 AM PST, 2 PM EST) for the full period of the program, you are invited to a live Zoom conference, until July 20th.

This program is thoughtfully created and designed to help you get to a place of fulfillment and satisfaction, step by step, with you at the steering wheel on this bumpy ride called life.

You Own Your Life is the result of intense, in-depth, and passionate work on my own personal development. Even if I had a passion for personal development starting in my teenage years, the actual creation of this project started out from survival mode, after a massive burnout and alone with three babies. Quit my job at the European Parliament and went through the whole phase of a ridiculously expensive hobby, that transformed into a solid business, mainly thanks to all the time, money, and effort I invested to work with some of the best in the world when it comes to personal development.

Having seen how my life, and me as a person, has transformed so completely, from something that was not at all a confident or happy person, to where I am today, totally enjoying where I am in life, who I am and the fact that I am living my dream! I want to help YOU experience the same transformation: the amazing feeling of living life on your own terms, a life by design, where you are not a victim to what goes on around you, and where you honestly feel that you own your life!

A dream come true moment: when I was asked to be a keynote speaker on John Maxwell’s stage in Florida, with an audience of 4.000 people from all over the world. August 2019

During the pre-launch period (starting May 4th) you can join the online coaching program You Own Your Life and go through the whole program at a fraction of the normal price.

Experience the power of the program in a very small group, get access to the full program (10 pre-recorded videos, workbooks to guide you through the process), and, as a massive bonus you get to join a virtual group coaching session every week:

+ Q&A
+ Hot Seat Coaching
+ Support
+ Accountability that makes you take action because you want to, and
+ Celebrating your wins together with a tight group.

Loveky feedback from Elfi, who’s just started working through Module 1

This is a 3-month program that is going to be life-changing…

Normal price: 2.000 € (+VAT)

Pre-launch offer: 585€ || $ 636

500€ (+VAT 17%)

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