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DONE is better than perfect

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This one is for everyone who has a tendency to want things to be just a liiiittle bit better, a little bit closer to perfect before you take the first step or launch yourself with a project or a task , or, if you’re straight out a PERFECTIONIST and often find yourself stuck at square one because you’re still processing how to make it “purrrrfect”. You ‘ll enjoy the podcast Episode #3 on this very topic.

If you want, or let’s push that a little further, if you NEED to see some results of your plans and great ideas, that you’ve been carrying around for a while now – I hope this will make you feel and think in a new way.

Someone I truly admire, both for his role as a businessman, but also as a leading name in personal development, is one of my mentors, Paul Martinelli. Six years ago, I heard him say something that really surprised me, coming from him. I consider him The Ultimate Entrepreneur, who then obviously knows how to do things in a perfect way, perfect launches, perfect programs, and perfect offers. He’s awesome! And doing business with him feels perfect.

So, what he said was, “better done than perfect”, and at first I felt very confused that he would say such a thing. Thinking: clearly, he CAN NOT mean that.

But as time went by, I understood and got to experience personally that he actually launches programs and opportunities way before they are perfect or even ready to be sold. He puts together a great idea, makes it “good enough to be able to sell it”, and then he tweaks and perfects as he goes along. His clients know, I am one of them, and we embrace it fully. I bought a mentoring membership from him once, that wasn’t ready to be delivered when I bought it, and he said upfront that it would take yet some weeks before I could get access to the material, which ended up being a couple of months, but I knew the value I was gonna get. In the meantime waiting for the big launch, he kept adding lots of value. He got it done, and it was perfect.

I hear so many of my clients, and friends, talking about projects they have, dreams and things they want to do or achieve. But they don’t get started, because they’re not ready, it’s not perfect yet.

One of the most powerful quotes I know is:

“The most valuable place on Earth is the cemetery
because so many people die with their dreams still within”.

Aouch… to that. If you have a dream or a project you really want to do, don’t wait for it to be perfect, for you to be fully ready or for the perfect timing. You may end up taking it with you to the grave. Make sure, that when it’s your time to leave, your Grave Yard Value is very low, and your Living The Dream Value is very high.

Take my podcast for example, OWN IT – The Confidence Podcast, I’m not REALLY fully ready to launch if you want to do it in a PERFECT way. I don’t have a cool intro sound, I don’t have a cool outro sound, I don’t have pre-recorded and batched episodes to be super prepared and make sure I stay consistent with my daily messages.

I could have prepared for another five months, EASILY. And maybe that would have been the perfect podcast launch. But, if you heard my first two episodes, you already know that to create this and launch on my 45th birthday – DONE, rather than perfect –  was a BIG thing for me. It made my not so super awesome birthday totally AWESOME and I will remember what I did and how it felt forever. I got it done, and for me, that was perfect. Will I perfect as I go along. Yes, yes, double-yes.

In the last 24 hours, I’ve received three interesting messages on this topic. A friend of mine said “wow, I also want to do a Podcast, but I don’t know how to talk so that it sounds like a podcast voice”. Uhm… I’m not really sure what a podcast voice is, but I hope people can hear my voice on my podcast 🙂

Another lady sent me a voice message congratulating me on the podcast and ended by saying:
“I also want to host a Podcast. It’s so unfair. You’re lucky you’re a natural speaker. I can never do one, cause I don’t know how to speak”. As a matter of fact, I KNOW she can speak, cause I have spoken with her many times. But of course, she probably meant speaking in that perfect podcast voice, that another friend was referring to.

The last one is probably the most profound, and painful when you think of it. It came on Instagram, and it said “Congratulations! I love podcasts, I listen every day for several hours. I would have loved having my own, but don’t have the qualifications. In my next life maybe.” Don’t take dreams with you to your grave! Two days ago I had no clue how to record or launch a podcast. You can learn everything you need to know on the Internet, to get it done. It may not be perfect, but you’ll get it done. And then you perfect as you go along.

Skill is the result of discipline and practice, of courageously daring to believe in ones dreams! You become talented and can seem perfect, ONLY if you start, learn, improve, build, hone and mold your creation over time, with lots of determination and discipline.

“You know, it’s a funny thing, the more we practice at something, the better we become, and the better we become, the luckier we get”!

Don’t wait for perfect. Start today. Jump! That’s a link to Episode #14 on the podcast, about how to get started. And from there, you Improvise and learn as you go. It will be perfect!!!

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