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Diplomat Executive 1:1 Coaching

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I signed up for the coaching sessions with Annica with the expectation to get a few tools to help me handle certain difficult leadership situations – and I came out with so much more than I expected. Annica reaches deep into your soul, has an immediate understanding of the issues at stake, helps to identify issues that you did not even know were there, and then sheds clarity on everything and helps you untie the knots with spot-on analysis and advice.

Working with Annica has helped me identify and work through the anxiety of becoming a leader of high rank. When you climb the professional ladder, it is expected that you are ready to perform and that nothing is difficult, but that is not always the case. Annica has helped me understand what was truly my difficulties and to overcome them, and has inspired me to focus on my strengths, to have a positive outlook and an ambitious vision for myself professionally and personally. After every session, it felt like I had my lungs full of fresh oxygen. She helped me believe in myself, and that is priceless.

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