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Renovating my life – a client’s story

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Are you stuck?

What do you do when you come to a point in life where you feel like you KNOW you need change, but you have no idea of HOW to make it happen…? If you’re smart, and you want big results, you start working with a coach. I don’t say that just because I happen to be a coach, I really really REALLY mean it! It’s what I did to literally transform my life, and it’s the most powerful tool for change there is. Seek out a coach who is skilled and experienced in the area where you want to see change, where you want and need to improve, where you want and need bigger results. A coach who has already done the work, been through the process, and come out the other end with better results, the kind you want.

I just received this wonderful text called “Renovating my life”, the transformational story of my client Tatjana (with her permission to share it). She contacted me earlier this year to work on some specific points, to get clarity and to ultimately DO what she already knew she needed to do, only she was stuck in not knowing HOW to start, where to begin or how to go about it.

This is just a fragment of the phenomenal breakthroughs Tatjana has created. She gave me her permission to share it, and I hope it will help you see that very often we keep ourselves STUCK in our professional career because of personal pain, fears and scars from the past that may even show up in physical form in our life, without us even being aware of it.

Tatjana’s story of how she’s renovating her life:

Renovating my life – a transformational journey through coaching

Renovation is a healing process. My basement was badly battered, mouldy, broken, humid, not cared for. The basement in fact. And a part of the house which had never been mine. I left it for quite some time, it was a sore spot and somehow it just felt like me. I just made sure it did not deteriorate more.

One day, I started. It was the right moment. I dabbed it in white tinner, in vinegar and in all liquids I could lay my hands on which promised to take away the mould. Then I dressed professionally, covered myself completely and started scrubbing the mouldy walls. Actually, the mould had dried, and I just needed to scrape it off. On my hands and feet, I scrubbed the floor, I wanted to clean everything, a cathartic process. Once the walls were clean, I put on further chemicals to protect the walls. I evened the walls around, painted them white but left the open wound as I needed some professional help to cover the gaping wounds. It took some time and even when the wounds were covered, I was still not there to finalise it.

A couple of months later, I felt a change coming, a real hunch, gut feeling. I saw an ad on facebook for coaching, a lady called Annica. I contacted her and knew that she was the right person at the right moment. I had come so far, the mold was gone, the wounds had healed but the scars were still so visible. These scars, the big, bumpy one, they were standing between me and my fulfilled and intentional life, both professionally and privately. I knew how to do it but for a reason, Annica uncovered with me. After the second or third session, it was time. I made a plan, I bought the paint, I structured my work and did it.

The old, moldy, musty, broken wall still had some scares, they are now smooth, they still tell a story, they are not hiding their past. But the basement has a new functionality now, a new life. And it is still work in progress, I’d like to have a mirror to ensure that I do my exercises well, some loudspeakers because music makes work-out more fun – and loud music not via my headphone makes it even more fun. Some more light would also be nice. And it is totally ok to do it step by step. My intention was to turn the moldy basement into a sports room, give it a new meaning and a new functionality. I did it. I was very intentional about it, Annica and I discussed how it would look, how it would feel to work out in there, how I would feel when the walls were painted white.

It was exactly like this and every day, when I go into the basement, work out or not, I give myself a high five for getting it done.

As the house does not stop at the basement, just as my life does not stop at the professional or private level, I am now taking the next step, working on the staircase of the basement to the first floor. Uncovering the sores of the wall, I met a boar, as Annica pointed out. And it is not any boar, it is actually our good old friend Pumbaa.

As I intentionally work my way up, I am grateful to have Annica here as my coach and somewhat a friend who puts me back on track, reminding me of the intentions and goals I have.

Hakuna Matata, all will be good, Tatjana


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