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Feel like you’re about to break…?

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Now, more than ever, we are all at risk of falling into a deep hole of fear, stress and worry. The unknown is so hard for us. “What will happen to my health, what will happen to my job, or my business, and what will happen to the world?” We all wonder, but nobody has the answer. Not yet.
With the recent change in pretty much everyone’s life, we all have, to some degree, added stressful thoughts around the unknown, simply because we’re equipped with the capacity to anticipate, estimate and imagine. Even those who are, under normal circumstances, strong-minded and positive, notice the pressure and even the feeling of overwhelm. For some, it’s worse. Some will get familiar with ‘The Beast of Burnout.’ 
COVID-19 has forced upon us circumstances beyond our control, beyond what we could have imagined and beyond our long term physical capabilities.  What we are doing may be manageable right now, but before we know it, some will have pushed themselves, or been pushed by the whole situation, so hard and so far, they will be at risk of burning out.
Mental health conversations have become fairly frequent in media, but it’s still linked to “being weak”. Nobody wants to be the one who breaks. Nobody wants to be the one everyone at work talks about. Nobody wants to suffer. It is so important we do not get to that breaking point. If it happens, we cannot be anything to anyone.  Here are my top ten tips to surviving stressful and hectic times such as now and make sure you stay mentally well.
1. Accept your limits.
2. Clarify major energy thieves and avoid them.
3. Value yourself first.
4. Get support and perspective.
5. Ask for help.
6. Make choices that are good for you and make you happier, healthier, and stronger.
7. Get twenty minutes of sun every day.
8. Get low-impact exercise three times per week.
9. Don’t push yourself too far for the sake of progress.
10. Never ignore your intuition.
To read in more detail, visit the link below to the international blog @tinybuddha who published my full article a few years ago.

Most importantly right now, stay safe, stay home and know that we will find a new normal at the other side of this.
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